Why is it essential to choose the right real estate agent?

In 2021, Las Vegas had its most frenetic market in years. Any agent could put a house on the market and it had a good chance of selling. But, with supply and demand shifting in 2022, today’s sellers are experiencing a more competitive market. Choosing who you select to represent you and present your home to the market is more important than in years past.

An experienced agent should know and understand the value of setting your home apart from the competition. The first impression is essential. All marketing efforts should be strategic to ensure the ad gets the maximum exposure to show up to the right potential buyers. This can be done by tailoring marketing techniques to each specific property based on market research and trends in the area.

Using modern marketing techniques has become a minimum to ensure higher foot traffic to your home. Thanks to the power of the internet, shoppers are researching more online in search of a more interactive experience.

Property videos and digital virtual tours allow potential buyers to make the initial connection by letting them experience the size and space a home has to offer – making these tools a to have to when presenting your home to the market.

The main agencies have a team dedicated solely to marketing the properties, not just the agency or agents. This can be a determining factor when choosing your representation. Your home should be treated as a work of art, unique and one of a kind.

For those looking to buy a home in today’s landscape, find an agent who understands the unique products offered by mortgage companies. Buyers are not only looking at interest rates, but also considering other programs and incentives available. To put it simply, the solution to accessibility challenges in today’s market is to align yourself with an agent who has a wide range of options and solutions to help you overcome these potential obstacles.

With the current state of our market, there may be room for negotiation. Successful agents recognize these opportunities and offer their client an advantage by negotiating them in the right way. Find a representation that will truly defend your interests.

If you are a buyer or seller looking for a real estate agent, go online and research the reputation of local agents and their companies. Read reviews, check out their websites, get an idea of ​​their track record, and narrow your search down to around three agents. Then call those agents and assess their knowledge of the market. Agents should easily be able to tell you what the current inventory looks like, the average number of days homes are on the market, and what that agent is proactively doing to promote their current listings.

Craig M. Tann is a broker and owner of huntington &ellis, a real estate agency. For more information,
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