Veteran Real Estate Expert Walter Hall Launches National Bequest Program for Realtors; The power of partnership


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The Power of Partnering seeks to establish a new set of professional standards that could revolutionize the real estate industry

My over 60 years in the real estate business have been very good for me, and I want to give back something meaningful to those in the industry, especially home sellers, buyers and renters.

– Walter Hall

NORWELL, MA, United States, September 7, 2021 / – Walter Hall, long recognized as the leading authority on professional practices in residential real estate, recently announced that The Hall Institute of Real Estate will soon be launching a national program for real estate agents called The Power of Partnering, founded on the principle that “it’s time to give consumers more power, knowledge and control when selling, buying or selling. rental of their house ”. The Power of Partnership professional standards will empower consumers with this knowledge and power.

Although the program was originally designed to be marketed to individual real estate agents across the country, recent interest from a major real estate franchisor has led Hall to change his plan and contact this group of buyers first. potentials.
Discussing his motivation to develop this program, he said: “My over 60 years in the real estate industry have been very good for me, and I want to give back something meaningful to those in the industry, especially home sellers. , buyers and tenants.

The National Association of Realtors reports that 5.64 million existing homes were sold to the same number of buyers in 2020, and the U.S. Census shows that 822,000 new homes were sold in the same year. Other statistics show that 44.1 million US homes are occupied by tenants and 37% of tenants live in apartments. “It is a significant portion of the population who engage in real estate transactions,” Hall noted.

He continued, “Over the years, I have encountered many opportunities, but one issue that was never fully resolved was the sentiment on the part of home sellers, buyers and renters who thought their expectations were rarely matched the actual results of the process to which they went. through.”

He added, “And I think this is so because the majority of home sellers, buyers and renters have little idea of ​​the process they are getting into and the very unique and intricate details involved. If the process is not clearly understood, it often results in unpleasant, unexpected and / or costly surprises somewhere in the process.

There had been no recognized national standards describing the key and critical stages of the sales, purchase and rental process until 2015, when Hall wrote the book, All things REAL ESTATE. The book, for the first time, describes clearly and succinctly in non-technical language the key steps in the process of selling, buying and renting. This book quickly became popular in the industry both as a training guide and as a basis for professional practice. Sales of the book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and on the book’s website were significant. Feedback from buyers who applied the lessons from the book has been overwhelmingly positive, with most noting that they have gained knowledge and control that has made it possible to achieve all of their goals.

Working with a key team of advisors across the country over the past three years, Hall has extracted key points from each process in the book, All Things REAL ESTATE and created three unique consumer guides, each containing a summary ” quick read “of each part. of the process involved in “Sell Your Home, Buy Your Home, and Rent Your Home”. Subsequent testing of the consumer guides produced the same result as that of the book. Consumer testimonials are contained in each Consumer Guide.

The Hall Institute has developed the name and concept of The Power of Partnering which embodies all the necessary elements to ensure that every seller, buyer or home tenant gets the most out of their Consumer Guide when doing business with a real estate company. established and professional. with designated agents selected and trained to partner with their seller, buyer or tenant. These appointed agents: 1) will advise clients on how to maximize the effectiveness of their consumer guide to achieve all of their goals, and (2) will be with them every step of the way, providing backup knowledge and experience. depth and the most important personal touch. .

From 1968 to the present day, the Hall Institute of Real Estate has dominated the national residential real estate playground with fresh, creative and highly successful innovations that over the years have enriched thousands of real estate agents and sellers, buyers and renters of houses.

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