This start-up offers a new way to choose your real estate agent

December 10, 2021

The online real estate world likes services that start with the best qualifier: after the site for evaluating the best agents and the Meilleurtaux credit broker, here is the newcomer: Meilleur Mandat. This start-up located on the Basque coast offers to help sellers of private goods to find “THE good real estate agency”. After a test phase lasting around ten months in the 10 main cities of the country, the service is now available throughout the country. The idea is to allow the seller to easily and quickly present online the property he wishes to sell and to allow the different real estate agencies to position themselves to offer their services. The seller therefore chooses with full knowledge of the facts.

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“My expertise is not related to real estate, admits François Tastet, founder of Meilleur Mandat, but more to e-commerce and contact with brands. It was as a private seller that I experienced this form of harassment, when you are called by a multitude of agents after having completed an online appraisal or putting a house up for sale. ” This formula should therefore allow agencies to focus on their core business by collecting mandates more easily. François Tastet thus recalls that there are, each year, 15 to 20 million real estate estimates and that only 0.8% of people taking this step are really ready to sell. Then it remains for real estate agents to take care of the work in order to learn how to “sell themselves” better, to really explain the service they provide and thus to seduce the seller.

90% of exclusive mandates

For individuals, the service is free and anonymous, while agencies can choose between three offers, one where they pay for connections, one where it is a fixed price subscription and finally a hybrid offer combining the two approaches. . “For an individual, the sale of real estate is a big issue, explains François Tastet. He often only has one or two in his life and therefore has little experience. However, the beginning of his relationship with the real estate agency, the beginning of a relationship, is often badly lived. “ Although nothing is compulsory in the matter, the logic of this method of recruitment is to lead to an exclusive mandate. According to Meilleur Mandat, contacts on its platform lead to 90% of exclusive mandates, while this practice is still clearly in the minority on the French market.

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