The Pipeline: Commercial real estate overview for 4/15/22


No.1: Cao Flats LLC bought 73,086 square feet in petersburg for $6 million. Tom Rosman of One South Commercial and Ann Schweitzer Riley represented the seller. Justin Sledd and Isaac Weintz represented the buyer.

No. 2: Magnolia Development sold 27,913 square feet to 2001 Magnolia Street in richmond for $2.5 million for L&W Supply Corp.. cliff bearer with Porter Realty Co. represented the seller.

No. 3: MB Ventures bought 6,400 square feet to 11251 Hull Street Road in Chesterfield for $2.1 million from KLS Hilltop LLC. James Ashby IV with Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer represented the buyer.


#1: Fortune Auto North America rented 9,660 square feet to 1495 Oak Bridge Drive in Powhatan. Nash Warren and Tucker Dowdy with Commonwealth trading partners represented the tenant.

No. 2: CB flooring rented 7,468 square feet to 8570 Magellan Drive in Henrico. Evan Magrill and Dean Meyer with Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer represented the owner.

No. 3: Wood and Iron Short Pump LLC rented 6,577 square feet to 12120 W.Broad St. in Henrico. Annie O’Connor of Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer represented the tenant.

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Ask Site Will Travel to report the following offer:

Carter Machinery Co. purchased 13,432 square feet at 8346 Old Richfood Road in Hanover for $1.5 million from DLD Associates. John Jay Schwartz represented the seller.

Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer reports the following transactions:

Burn Boot Camp has leased 5,400 square feet at Mechanicsville Turnpike on Lee Davis Road in Hannover. Richard L. Thalhimer represented the owner.

Standard Energy Solutions has leased 5,720 square feet at 2800-2852 E. Parham Road from Henrico. Gregg Beck represented the owner.

Starbucks Corp. leased 2,500 square feet at 3064 N. Arthur Ashe Blvd. in Richmond. Annie O’Connor and Connie Jordan Nielsen represented the owner; Nicki Jassy and Pete Waldbauer represented the tenant.

Locke Lane Management has leased 2,218 square feet at 9211 Forest Hill Ave. in Richmond. Amy J. Broderick and Kate Hosko represented the tenant.

Sweets by Keet has leased 1,750 square feet at 10865 W. Broad St. from Henrico. Richard L. Thalhimer represented the owner.

BIG Legal Services has leased 1,317 square feet at 804 Moorefield Park Drive in Chesterfield. Amy J. Broderick and Evan Magrill represented the owner.

Taylor Long Properties reports the following deals:

Oasis Park LLC purchased 4.3 acres at 15210 and 15200 Cosby Road in Chesterfield for $660,000 from Calvin C. Belcher Jr. Ellen Long represented the purchaser.

370 Garrisonville, LLC purchased 0.365 acres at 2500 N. Lombardy St. in Richmond for $390,000 from Timothy A. Gortney. Coleman Stewart represented the seller.

The Cryotherapy Foundation has leased 1,323 square feet at 11458 Busy St. in Chesterfield. Ellen Long and Rebecca von Meister represented the tenant.

CBRE reports the following transactions:

Peachtree Family Dentistry has leased 2,500 square feet at 3920 W. Broad St. in Richmond. Grant Johnson represented the tenant.

Coastal Impact has leased 1,200 square feet at 8639 Mayland Drive from Henrico. Matt Hamilton represented the owner.

The Bunny Hive has leased 1,115 square feet at 401 Libbie Ave. in Richmond. Susan Jones represented the owner.

Joyner Commercial reports the following transactions:

Geo-Technology has leased 3,340 square feet at 6717 Janway Road from Henrico. Lebs Breeden represented the owner.

Enticing Fitness has leased 2,243 square feet at 5108 Richmond Henrico Turnpike in Richmond. Todd Buttner represented the owner.

Heinz Insurance Agency has leased 1,555 square feet at 2923 Polo Parkway in Chesterfield. Todd Buttner represented the tenant.

Commonwealth Commercial Partners reports the following transactions:

Teresa A. Green, DC, PC has leased 1,406 square feet at 5700 Old Richmond Ave. at Henryco. Tucker Dowdy and Michael Good represented the owner.

Providence Acupuncture Clinic has leased 1,326 square feet at 5700 Old Richmond Ave. at Henryco. Tucker Dowdy and Michael Good represented the owner.

Porter Realty Co. reports the following transactions:

DLD Associates LLC has sold 13,432 square feet at 8346 Old Richfood Road in Hanover to Mount Sinai Properties-Old Richfood Road LLC for $1.5 million. Kevin Cox and Bob Porter represented the buyer.

Batton II LLC has sold 14,283 square feet at 9701 Metropolitan Court in Chesterfield for $1.5 million to Southern Investment. Byron Holmes represented the seller.

TurnAround Factor Inc. has leased 4,800 square feet at 10365 Wood Park Court in Hannover. Kevin Cox represented the owner.

Ferment Nation LLC has leased 1,800 square feet at 10385 Wood Park Court in Hannover. Kevin Cox represented the owner.

Divaris Real Estate reports the following offers:

Professional Therapies of Roanoke dba CORA Physical Therapy has leased 1,510 square feet at 6800 Woodlake Commons Loop in Chesterfield. Sara Goodall and Madeleine Alderman represented the owner.

Saturn Return has leased 1,719 square feet at 2239 W. Broad St. in Richmond. Madeleine Alderman represented the tenant.

El Guero dba Los Panchos Mexican Restaurant has leased 5,000 square feet at 3532 Pump Road from Henrico. Sara Goodall represented the tenant.

Belleville Real Estate LLC has purchased 6,624 square feet at 2104 N. Hamilton St. in Richmond for $1.6 million from Red Dog Capital. Read Goode represented the buyer.

One South Commercial reports the following agreement:

Evil Keevil LLC has purchased 1,568 square feet at 2603 E. Main St. in Richmond for $550,000. Lory Markham represented the buyer.

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