San Francisco’s Leading Real Estate Agency: Professional Home Staging Makes All the Difference When Selling a Property

The process of selling a home can be a difficult time for the seller. The rise of the internet and property listing websites means that more and more people can find a home online before checking out the house in person. This drastically narrows the options for home buyers, and home sellers need an edge to help move the property.

Danielle Lazier is the main Realtor working in San Francisco, CA. Now in her third decade of selling properties in San Francisco, she’s learned one of the best tricks for selling a home online – professional home staging.

“Professional home staging means a professional comes into the house and adjusts certain rooms to make the house more presentable to a potential buyer. For a place like San Francisco, that can be the difference between an offer and extra time on the job. market,” Lazier said.

Upfront costs can be a bit of a shock to many preparing a home for sale, but the results normally mean a home moves higher and often closer to the initial asking price.

Just about any real estate agency in San Francisco will have professional home staging services on call and ready to meet the home seller. Lazier and his team can also answer most questions about the process.

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