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The following real estate transactions are $ 10,000 or more:

Cambria County

Karen Chopick of Rose Ann Sellers, per solicitor, owned by the Township of Stonycreek, $ 129,900.

John E. Forsythe of Kristopher W. Allison, property in Richland Township, $ 225,000.

Juan Dipiton Marte of Josephine Wise, property of the 12th district of Johnstown, $ 24,500.

Shane M. Burkett of Glenn M. Noel Jr., owned in Washington Township, $ 85,000.

John Joseph Griffin of Walter J. Moll Jr., owned in Portage Borough, $ 60,000.

Alec Nedimyer of Veronica J. Baker, property in Summerhill Township, $ 350,000.

Brian J. Yetsko’s Joshua J. Kreutzberger, Portage Township property, $ 175,000.

Richard W. Varner’s Brock Delos Peracchino, owned by Adams Township, $ 37,300.

Brett Whited of Larry W. Gillin Living Trust, by Trustee, Owned in the Township of East Taylor, $ 165,000.

Deidre May Conion by Robert Alvin Wertz, owned by the Township of Richland, $ 160,000.

Jamie Louise Shanfield of Wesley A. Walker, Chest Township property, $ 204,900.

Am Mialye D. Smith of Gregory M. Sichak Jr., owned by the Township of Stonycreek, $ 200,000.

Karinn M. Ross of Jane Smith, owned by the Township of Gallitzin, $ 125,000.

Scot C. Edwards by Donald W. Claar, owned by Washington Township, $ 30,000.

Kimberly Pope by Randy Rokita, owned by the 20th district of Johnstown, $ 54,900.

James H. Lyons III of Rowland H. Tibbott Jr., owned by the Township of Cambria, $ 125,000.

Ryan Utnik of Michael J. Pcola, owned by the Township of Portage, $ 59,000.

Estefy Maria del Carmen Blanco Munoz by Daniel P. Wallace, property in Southmont Borough, $ 53,000.

Richard L. Zimmerman of Marie Slanac, property in Geistown Borough, $ 147,000.

Matthew Pocius of Tiffany R. Fetterman, owned by the Township of Summerhill, $ 490,000.

Corey B. Fox of Bradley J. Ducan, owned by Jackson Township, $ 79,250.

Jesse W. Keith of Michele L. Jennings, Susquehanna Township Property, $ 190,000.

Tony A. Sherry by William J. Buckley, owned by the Township of West Carroll, $ 10,000.

Crystal Bruce by Martha Skiersch, property in the 17th arrondissement of Johns-town, $ 85,500.

Debora A. Martz Clauson of Dianne L. Martz, owned by the Township of Upper Yoder, $ 124,619.20.

Jekiah Mathews of Frank Mele Sr., owned by the Township of Richland, $ 136,000.

Shadetree Apiary LLC of Rose R. Onorato, property in the Township of Clearfield, $ 420,000.

Timothy Yocca of Norman Rutzebeck, owned by the Township of White, $ 45,000.

Stephanie Wheland of Heather Norma, property in Geistown Borough, $ 151,005.

Jacob Andrew Morisi of Joseph E. Krupka, property of the Township of Richland, $ 305,000.

James Blake of Doris Jean Fisher, property in Patton Borough, $ 23,000.

Zachary D. Krinjeck of Betty Mae Gaudlip, owned by the Township of Portage, $ 59,500.

Jesus De Osvaido by Lorenzo Favor, property in the 8th district of Johnstown, $ 21,000.

Jill Mehall of Keri L. Rosporski, property of the Township of Summerhill, $ 10,000.

Porter Strittmatter Family Trust of Dino S. Persio, property in Cambria Township, $ 70,000.

John C. Schell by Benjamin D. Smedberg, property in Westmont Borough, $ 42,000.

Patricia M. Bernardo’s Vallyah Mateen Khurshid, per attorney, owned by Johnstown 8th Ward, $ 21,000.

Mark V. Kimberly of Kenneth F. Carney, Cresson Township property, $ 50,000.

Luke W. Tunison by David J. Saloka, owned by the Township of Stonycreek, $ 58,000.

Kenneth Joseph Kulback of Sami Alshurafa, owned by Richland Township, $ 20,500.

Melech J. Berman of Marie M. Medeiros, property of the 17th arrondissement of Johnstown, $ 13,500.

Michael S. Miller Jr. of Raymond J. Tomechak Living Trust, by trustee, owned in Brownstown Borough, $ 68,900.

Elaine Heider’s Marion P. Smedberg, Owned by the Township of Upper Yoder, $ 265,000.

Lance C. Long of Donald G. and Diane R. Bailey Revocable Trust, by trustee, owned in Adams Township, $ 350,000.

Kalyn A. Lundberg of Lance C. Long, property in Portage Borough, $ 200,000.

Kameron Eck by Jane L. Hockensmith, property in Ferndale Borough, $ 95,500.

Brian J. Holley of Laura M. Gagemeier, owned by the Township of Cambria, $ 180,000.

Somerset County

Jazmine R. Folta of Thomas D. Grosik Jr., owned by the Township of Conemaugh, $ 125,000.

Aaron Lowery of John S. Hwika, owned by Shade Township, $ 142,000.

Joshua J. Shearman of Samantha R. Brothers, property in Windber Borough, $ 137,000.

William Aaron Brubaker of Peggy Ruth Dunmeyer Estate, property of the Township of Summit, $ 85,000.

Stephen W. Smith of Kyle R. Smith Jr., owned by the Township of Paint, $ 140,000.

David Wayne McLeary of Richard W. McLeary, owned by the Township of Middlecreek, $ 125,000.

Jeremy Petrone of Pamela Lusk Voelker, property of the Township of Addison, $ 10,000.

Miller Springs Remediation Management of Richard Lewis Murray Sr. Estate, property in Conemaugh Township, $ 65,000.

Shannon Jacobs of Sharon Ann Jarosyk Estate, Jenner Township Property, $ 46,000.

Ashley L. Barron of David M. Hottle, Somerset Township Property, $ 107,000.

Donald A. Zeigler’s New Baltimore Sportsmen’s Club, owned by the Township of Allegheny, $ 50,805.

Digman Yoder of KC Shaulis, owned by the Township of Lincoln, $ 20,000.

Michael H. Stohon of Mark A. Codick, owned by the Township of Paint, $ 86,000.

Ernest Alan Kostrick of Robert J. Laskovich, owned by Jefferson Township, $ 120,000.

Frederick B. Orcutt III of Helen M. Holoka Estate, owned by the Township of Conemaugh, $ 91,000.

Harold F. Maust of Sandra Ann Macey Estate, property in Boswell Borough, $ 41,500.

Curtis Baker of Amy H. Gilbreath, Elk Lick Township Property, $ 93,000.

Zimmerman Center Breegle Property Holdings, Somerset Township property, $ 250,000.

Jeremiah Miele by David A. Gilpatrick, owned by Jefferson Township, $ 316,700.

Brianna Rainey by Jeremy L. Durst, owned in Windber Borough, $ 87,550.

Brett Michael Bennethum of Adam P. Stasiak, owned by the Township of Paint, $ 195,000.

Keenan Gillin of Tara M. Kane, property in Somerset Borough, $ 89,000.

Landon Jack Loya by Michael W. Menges, property in Salisbury Borough, $ 146,500.

Jeremy A. Henry of Naugle Rentals, property in Conemaugh Township, $ 55,000.

Claudia J. Stevanus of Todd Gribble, property in Somerset Borough, $ 150,000.

Adam P. Stasiak by Stephen J. McRae, Ogle Township property, $ 300,000.

Patriot Park Foundation Inc. by David M. Schmucker, owned in Shade Township, $ 26,606.40.

Brothersvalley Farm of Kent L. Wolf, owned by the Township of Brothersvalley, $ 1,175,000.

Kyle Smith Jr. of Bret McLaren, owned in Paint Township, $ 390,000.

Brennan McMahon of Randy J. Herwig, Somerset Township property, $ 218,000.

Steven Dale Yoder of Willis Sommers, Owned by Elk Lick Township, $ 60,000.

Lori Garland of Rodney G. Whaley, property in Confluence Borough, $ 68,900.

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