Real estate transactions published on July 30, 2022 | Company

The following real estate transactions are $10,000 or more:

Cambria County

Mackenna E. Ray of Charles L. Litzinger III, property in Jackson Township, $130,000.

Kenneth P. Goisovich of Matthew J. Skoner, property in Adams Township, $390,000.

Republic Commercial Fund LLC of Boston Hedge SFR LLC, property in Cresson Township, $64,380.

Nathaniel Preston Houck of Margaret L. Houck, estate in Hastings Borough, $26,000.

John E. Weber of Mary M. Smith, property in Cresson Township, $245,000.

Andrew Murvine of Casey J. Little, property in Cambria Township, $72,000.

Goucher BJ Partners LLC of Carriage Hills Co. LLC, owned in Upper Yoder Township, $6,200,000.

Logan J. Meily of Joseph Christopher Clarkin, property in Lower Yoder Township, $105,000.

Gwen E. Hartnett’s West Penn Rentals LLC, Johnstown 8th Ward property, $55,750.

George Hallowell of Michael D. Marino, property in the 20th district of Johnstown, $12,000.

Emma Realty LLC of Samuel M. Koban, property in Cambria Township, $215,000.

Vance Ulasky of Frances Lenora Jacobs, property in the 7th district of Johnstown, $26,000.

Cynthia Kaye Hale of Gary Geisel, property in Upper Yoder Township, $77,700.

Robert E. Mrazek of Marry Ann Morris, property in the Borough of Ebensburg, $116,500.

Laura Rice of Brenda L. Rice, property in Stonycreek Township, $82,500.

Travis P. Kniss of John D. Gibson, property in Richland Township, $330,000.

San H. Romano by James Badaczewski, owned in Geistown Borough, $250,000.

Janell Darlene Lowmaster of Audrey M. Holtz, owned in Hastings Borough, $99,900.

Michael D. McDermott of Emerald Estates Inc., property in Cambria Township, $75,000.

Patrick J. Garrison of Robert L. Maher, owned by Patton Borough, $280,000.

Starmount Investment Group LLC of Phoenix Brick & Mortar LLC, property in the 17th Borough of Johnstown, $35,000.

Mark Monroe Properties to Judith A. Maruca’s Strauss LLC, Johnstown 6th Ward property, $27,500.

Justin Carrick of Manges Family Limited Partnership, property in Croyle Township, $69,899.50.

Michele Jaikes of Andrew Luke, property in Cresson Township, $134,900.

406 Pershing St. LLC of Michael J. Benzie, owned in Gallitzin Borough, $45,000.

City Brake & Auto Service LLC of Gregory Vinter, owned in Franklin Borough, $90,000.

Jacqueline Jardine of Jack I. Leasure Jr., owned by Brownstown Borough, $59,900.

Carolyn Lee Kempf of Patrick D. Sheridan, owned in Westmont Borough, $83,500.

Mandy L. Boxler of Brian K. Lawrence, owned in Nanty Glo Borough, $35,000.

Family Lease LLC of Joseph Divittorio, property in the 17th Borough of Johnstown, $44,500.

John A. Bobak of Doak W. Montag, property in Richland Township, $50,000.

Carolyn Lee Kampf of Karen J. McCullough, property in Johnstown’s 11th Ward, $38,000.

County of Somerset

Terry L. Woolley of William A. Scharritter Jr., property in Somerset Township, $550,000.

Justin H. Elm of Justin E. Trimpey, owned by Somerset Borough, $117,000.

Tanner L. Johnston of Leonard R. Miller, property in Somerset Township, $110,000.

Bryan S. Weimer of Mathew R. Blanish, owned in Meyersdale Borough, $72,500.

Marlin Cowsert of Maranatha Group LLC, owned in Conemaugh Township, $60,000.

David A. Eller of Barry E. Fogle, owned in Central City Borough, $85,000.

Donald J. Chearney of Shawn R. Saylor, property in Middlecreek Township, $50,000.

Frank J. Jupena of Edward W. Sroka, property in Jefferson Township, $425,000.

Daniel L. Everett of Thomas Dougherty Jr., property in Jefferson Township, $80,000.

Lucas Breeze of Shannon D. Hahl, property in Conemaugh Township, $179,900.

Jeffrey Cmar of Mr. Regina Maust, property in Jennerstown Borough, $33,000.

Jerry D. Fullerton of Jean A. Diehl Estate, owned in Meyersdale Borough, $68,000.

Tyler J. Evans of Alvin E. Leslie, property in Somerset Township, $23,000.

Michael Stiles of Ralph Trainer Jr./Tax Claim Bureau, property in Fairhope Township, $12,475.

Justin P. Latuch of Westley P. Latuch, property in Milford Township, $150,000.

Gary L. Costello of James W. Ferguson, property in Allegheny Township, $75,000.

Ryan Lynch by Rebecca Nakich, property in the borough of Berlin, $210,000.

Maple City Real Estate LLC of Lishia Real Estate LLC, property in Meyersdale Borough, $175,000.

Makenna Topka of Eugene W. Topka, by proxy, property in Shade Township, $15,000.

Daniel J. Fox of Dennis Wayne Bell, property in Quemahoning Township, $141,000.

Luke Varner of Christopher Goldstrohm, property in Lincoln Township, $167,500.

James Guy Living Trust of Scott L. Richter, property in Indian Lake Borough, $235,000.

Kevin J. Heimann of Kathleen Lynn Stull, owned in Shanksville Borough, $96,500.

Theresa L. Lassinger of Shirley J. Butler, owned in Meyersdale Borough, $58,916.80.

Lux Lucis Foundation Inc. of Philip A. Basala DO LLC, owned in Somerset Township, $200,000.

Cole A. Suter of Donald W. Miller, property in Somerset Township, $129,000.

Mark Mostoller of Michael P. Barbera, owned in Jennerstown Borough, $200,000.

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