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LLC Legacy Template Properties at Leber, Matthew R and Sara A10500 S 31st Street (Roca), $110,000.

Leikam, Thomas A Revocable Living Trust at Slonecker, Nicholas W and Elizabeth P5415 Blueberry CT, $229,000.

Lester, Ryan P. at Matthews, Michael J and Jeanette M2740 N 74th St., $271,000.

Lewis, William and Rebecca at Smith, Kevin and Leslie4610 N 70th St., $145,000.

Lié Pl SARL at Rath Legacy Respite LLC1125 Q St. (Unit # Ph303), $457,470.

Lié Pl SARL at Rath Legacy Respite LLC1125 Q St. (Unit # Ph103), $870,000.

Lincoln Federal Bancorp Inc. at Mk Builders Inc3535 Tree Line Drive, $540,000.

Lincoln Federal Bancorp Inc. at Mk Builders Inc3525 Tree Line Drive, $540,000.

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Lincoln Federal Bancorp Inc. at Mk Builders Inc3515 Tree Line Drive, $540,000.

Lincoln Federal Bancorp Inc. at Mk Builders Inc3505 Tree Line Drive, $540,000.

Lincoln Lodging LLC at Lincoln Fat Dogs LLC1101 W Bond St., $2,600,000.

Lincoln Log Cabin LLC at Sheppard, Kevin K and Lori S139 N 11th St. (Unit #301), $190,000.

Linsenmeyer, Jeffrey A & Moser, Natasha S at Lebron, Irina V and Sebastiano V5243 W Thatcher Ln, $295,250.

Litt, Dawn R at Stickler Enterprise LLC2626 S 10th St., $50,000.

Longoria, Cruz D and Jennifer L at Truong, Brian and Jael9501 Southern Sky Rd., $430,000.

Lovegrove, Douglas at Yarmolyuk, Vladimir and Svetlana6300 N 148th St., $155,000.

Lovegrove, Justin at Ortner, Jason and Bridget2525 Southview Cir, $895,000.

Luber Investments LLC at Sayes, Michel2940 N 63rd St., $250,000.

Lucas, Steve F & Melissa A at Sad, Joyce W700 WR St., $250,000.

Ludemann, Bryan and Amanda at Allen, Christopher J and Holly M423 Oregon Trl, $200,000.

Luesalo LLC at Behrens, Ronald and Elicia601 S 55th St., $170,500.

Lucas, Corey and Dani at Gonzalez, Victor O Sigala & Dominguez, Aracely2256 S 8th St., $97,000.

M&R Properties LLC at Nelson, Derrick J and Alison Renee5310 Hallshire CT, $385,000.

Mack, Jordan A and Lindsay H at Padilla, Leonardo A Castillo1150 Garden Valley Road, $285,000.

Magwire, Joshua D. at Umberger, Kathrine1201 Pawnee Street, $202,000.

Maher, Brian and Peggy at Wissmann, Justin M & Ryan E3600 McLaughlin Drive, $260,000.

Mai & Nguyen Properties LLC at Jettr Investments LLC3800 N 27th St., $825,000.

Manning, Delaine J. at City of Lincoln Housing Authority3401 N 51st St., $19,000.

Trademarks, Estate of Carl G at Aks Revocable Trustaddress not specified, $820,000.

Trademarks, Estate of Carl G at Aks Revocable Trust, 9005 Wittstruck Road. (Bennett), $820,000.

Martin, Kyle B & Bandy, Jacquelyn J at Lionberger, Vienna7208 Silverthorn Dr., $312,500.

McCawley, Will at Kimmons, Jennifer13414 Jamestown Street (Waverly), $315,000.

McGinn, Joellen H. at Naquin, Daniel & Virginie1437 S 23rd St., $239,500.

Mchomesolutions LLC at Tss Investments LLC and Vbc Investments LLC5105 Huntington Avenue, $1,050,000.

McMurtry, Cheryl R. at Acorn Properties LLC4160 Dunn Ave, $120,000.

Mcneely, Andrew and Erin at Reasoner, Whitney Noel4546 High Street, $380,000.

McNeese, Timothy D and Jennifer L at Malson, Walter E.612 NW 20th St. (unit 30), $181,000.

Menke, Patrick J. at Olesen, Bryan3303 M St., $315,000.

Merrick, David and Roseanne at Lundquist, Jennifer178 Mormon Trl, $210,000.

Merry, Dustin S at Fleck, Nancy J.5628 S 42nd St. CT, $250,000.

Meyer, Emmaline K & Baxter, Alec R & Meyer, Brenda K at Anderson, Michael4224 F St., $186,000.

Michal, Jon P and Julie A at Hi Def Holdings LLC2025 N 31st St., $77,750.

Mick Holdings LLC at Gustafson, Erik P & D’Anna B5620 Madison Avenue, $225,000.

Midwest Home Designs LLC at Ullman, Caleb & Hessenflow, Audra Marie3914 Dudley Street, $347,000.

Miranda, Rudy and Christine at Pusateri-lane, Lori J4030 Loveland Dr., $320,000.

Mkam LLC at United Enterprises LLC5700 Morrill Ave, $80,000.

Moore, Gerald L. at Cidlik, Patricia A.4301 Normal Blvd (Unit #1), $160,000.

Morgan, Wesley Dakota & Ruppert, Sophia Kay at Lone Tree Corporation901 S 32nd St., $216,000.

Morris, William Scott and Jacox, Debra Lou at Morris, William Scott7320 Birch Creek Cir, $205,300.

Mountain, Burl D at Ngo, Hanh & Masters, Ken5311 High Street, $255,000.

Muhle, Gerald A & Homan, Sandra J at Simmons, Stanley and Diane5701 Newton Street, $235,000.

Munford, Marc C and Shelley K. at Stivrins, Zach and Whitney606 E Hillcrest Dr., $490,000.

Myers, Nancy F. at Cederdahl, Erik and Kelli3440 Calvert Street, $336,000.

Nelson, Wyatt J. at Luna, Gustave J.310 G Street, $17,000.

New Traditions Home & Realty LLC D/B/A Hartland Homes at Nomenyo, Pamela Yawa2928 W Washington St., $237,090.

Construction Newcastle Inc at Timm, Brandon and Jordan1440 La Plata Dr., $395,000.

Newcomer, John H & Ann at Widman, Andrew D and Christine N2636 Lake Street, $520,000.

Ngo, Hanh & Masters, Ken at Owen, Patricia B and Casey S4325 S 40th St., $221,000.

Nguyen, Thu H & Hung, V at Nguyen, Phong T & Vo, Virginia T1255 Libra Dr., $225,000.

NHS 4848 Holdings LLC at Midwest Bank7001 Pioneers Blvd, $2,500,000.

Nider, Ricky D. at Real Growth LLC1121 N 29th St., $175,000.

Nielsen, Adam H & Traci R at Longoria, Cruz and Jennifer6441 S 86th St., $600,000.

O’dey, Steven J. at Db Properties LLC6831 Cleveland Ave, $120,000.

Old Town Construction Group LLC at Stout, Michael Grover Jr and Amanda Lynn921 N 107th St., $665,000.

Oldenkamp, ​​Kyle G and Kelsi L at Zjlp LLC8140 E Avon Ln, $270,000.

Oltman, Shane D. at Janssen, Tate & Martin, Ashley2661 W Peach St., $240,000.

Oncenter Construction Inc at Kentfield, Melinda J.7010 N 50th Pl, $463,178.

LLC Pages at Wilcox, Logan and Gartner, Tonya3044 Q Street, $190,000.

Parker, Jason and Janice at Klutman, Andrew and Laura2501 Ridgeline CT, $850,000.

Parker, Travis and Emily at Pinkman, Tahner and Lindsay8810 S 80th St., $435,000.

Pauly, Gregory & Berggren, Jennifer at Kimura, David Jr & Nicole1221 Shadow Moss Drive, $425,000.

Pavlik, Alex and Ashley at Arnold, Patrick E & Stacy L10530 N 135 St. (Waverly), $305,000.

PC Properties LLC at Hill, Jerry and Pamela811 Karen Drive, $261,000.

Pearson, Hayley Hill at Pearson, Haley2740 S 38th St., $40,000.

Pep-a LLC at Tailwind W Lafayette LLC307 W Charleston St., $24,000,000.

Pep-a LLC at Tailwind W Lafayette LLCaddress not specified, $24,000,000.

Peterson, Joseph D. at Conner, Nathan W and Cristin M14450 NW 98th St. (Raymond), $370,000.

Powell, Robin D. at Venhaus, Shane3145 N 60th St., $145,000.

Prairie Home Builders Inc. at Schiltz, Julie A and Steven J820 Kooser Dr., $454,928.

Price, Kellie I at Fischer, Joshua and Jamie532 N 26th St., $125,000.

Prothman, Casey P. at Storrs, Brandon323 E 2 St. (Hickman), $235,000.

Province, Domaine Caroline at Harness, Alexander John1540 Torreys Dr., $240,000.

Qualified Real Estate Solutions LLC at Riggs, Stetson R & Amber938 N 25th St., $95,000.

Quicke, Robert W and Jennifer L at Kraft, Keaton and Swanson, Sydney7955 Dawson Creek Drive, $358,000.

Quigley Family Revocable Living Trust at Schroeder, Ryan and Nicole6510 Campbell Drive, $460,000.

Quinn Family Revocable Trust at McGinn, Joellen128 N 13th St. (Unit #808), $325,000.

RC Krueger Development Company at Predmore Real Estate Pc7441 Maxine Drive, $79,950.

RC Krueger Development Company at Garr LLC7611 Maxine Drive, $79,950.

RC Krueger Development Company at Predmore Real Estate Pc7519 Jimmie Ave, $79,950.

RC Krueger Development Company at Legacy Homes Omaha LLC7601 Vera Dr., $239,850.

RC Krueger Development Company at Legacy Homes Omaha LLC7621 Vera Drive, $239,850.

RC Krueger Development Company at Legacy Homes Omaha LLC7542 Vera Drive, $239,850.

Randall, Shawn and Pamela at Whipple, Todd and Marci2929 S St., $150,000.

Reeves, Jacob at Leung, Kienan and Melanieaddress not given, $115,000.

Remington Homes LLC at Buhr Homes Inc858 W El Alameda St., $72,000.

Reo Asset Management Company LLC at Lincoln LLC Home Buyers1619 Washington St., $102,000.

Retzlaff, Gregory M. at Meyer, Roland L.address not given, $942,000.

Rhapsody LLC at Morales, Daniel L.1950 Garfield Street, $260,000.

Richbourg, Jack & Sue at Happily Ever After LLC17040 NW 48th St. (Raymond), $680,000.

Riesenberg, Jeffrey at Zlab, Foster4316 D Street, $205,000.

Roark, Rena M Valentino at Sims, Taylor and Jessica5322 London Road, $261,000.

Roh, Richard L & Linda J at Nichols, Mark & ​​Carlene7633 Ringneck Dr., $311,000.

Rohl, Ryan A and Charlene M at Rogers, Curtis and Amy634 Waterfront Pl, $1,395,000.

Roleder, Bonnie B Living Trust, The at Fahey, Kathryn A and Spencer R5820 S 88th St., $470,000.

Roth, Colten and Cassandra at Zenger, Dustin N & Lexia R2533 Ammon Ave, $273,500.

Ruhkamp, ​​Dale J. at 6930 LLC6930 SW 34th CT, $575,000.

Ruigh, James and Susan at Widloe, Linda5814 Shadow Ln, $327,500.

Rust, Steven P & Rachel A at Bunstock, Joshua1900 Marlene Drive, $335,000.

Construction Rybak Inc. at Sayers, Gabriel and Christina1101 Julesburg Drive, $425,000.

Rybak Homes Inc at Kusek, Kevin M & Bethany L1058 Julesburg Drive, $440,000.

Sass, domain of Marva at Adams, John F & Grodon, Sherry L Revocable Trusts3917 Dunn Ave, $250,500.

Schaefer, Elizabeth L. at Briney, Claire Alyn727 S 52nd St., $210,000.

Schmidt, Andrew K. at Greufe, Caleb and Emily1022 Terrace View Dr. (Hickman), $450,000.

Schmitt, Rachelle Lynn at Timmerman, Tamera J.2407 Independence Dr., $234,900.

Schneckloth, Larren and Doris at Kromoidjojo, Gerdie & Raveena6328 X St., $176,000.

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