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Equipment-rich buildings are becoming a key element to encourage employees to return to the office, links in the supply chain are strained by a lack of storage capacity in warehouses and port areas, green lease signatures are in progress. rise, and more.

  • In an effort to bring employees back to the office and retain talent in a tight labor market, companies are spending more than ever on premium workspaces, paying high rents for modern, well-equipped buildings. (Peter Grant, The Wall Street Journal)
  • As sustainability and ESG factors become more and more important, net zero carbon commitments are becoming the next big ‘must’ for commercial building owners, as more than 100 companies and organizations have signed up to the World Green Building Council’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings commitment, which aims to decarbonize the building sector by 2050 and achieve it by mid- path by 2030. (Elsa Wenzel, GreenBiz)
  • The rebound in consumer demand has resulted in record imports through U.S. ports on both coasts, but it has strained links in the supply chain as nationwide industrial vacancy rates have hit historic lows. (Obey Manayiti & Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, Financial Time)
  • Green leases, a standard lease with additional clauses which call for improving the environmental performance of the building By both owner and occupier (s), are gaining popularity as the campaign to decarbonise real estate continues. (Paul Bergeron, Globe Street)
  • Revalue peri-urban real estate for mixed purposes, including office and retail, is becoming increasingly popular in the United States due to the high number of remote workers. (Rani Molla, Recode)

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