Real estate agent training highly appreciated: Fontys sets a limit


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Housing prices are exploding and an increasingly blocked housing market. Apparently, for more and more young people, this is a reason to choose a course in real estate. Fontys is therefore introducing a numerus fixus for its Real Estate and Brokerage program.

From September 2022 there will be only 350 training places in Eindhoven for aspiring real estate agents. Aspiring real estate men and women must register by January 15 of next year. After that, a selection procedure awaits them.

During this procedure, prospective students must demonstrate their skills in arithmetic and written communication. The young person’s motivation and expectations for the course are also examined. Finally, there is an interview with a teacher from the study program.

Sylvia Kramer, program manager of the brokerage program, explains the decision to impose a numerus fixus. “By implementing a numerus fixus, we can continue to pay enough attention to our students and prevent students from having difficulty finding a long-term internship.”


Translated by: Bob

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