Presentation of SafeRE, the marketplace for ethical real estate investment

SafeRE symbolizes the highest quality real estate investments and is the premier marketplace for real estate that delivers true holistic risk-adjusted returns and truly aligns the interests of real estate investors and asset managers. Costs are kept to an absolute minimum, giving everyone the opportunity to invest and earn fair returns. By tokenizing assets, SafeRE breaks down investments into smaller units, making previously inaccessible institutional-grade investments available to everyone.

SafeRE provides a fully automated and seamless online investing experience. Key features include automated onboarding, integrated and paperless KYC, instant deposit and investment process. The platform’s digital wallet allows users to store multi-currency and investment digital tokens, with global access offered 24/7. SafeRE strives to promote diversity and strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, creating an ethical investment marketplace for investors and asset owners.

Investors benefit from significantly lower investment costs and a fully transparent investment process. Portfolios can be easily created and customized, providing the flexibility to reflect individual investor preferences. Asset owners benefit from the digitized list of fundraising projects with reduced administrative costs and an easy onboarding process. SafeRE offers everyone a wide selection of offerings, as well as industry experience and advice on structures.

The SafeRE management team is passionate about maximizing benefits for players in the real estate market. They have deployed state-of-the-art technology to enable instant execution and support of SafeRE’s business philosophy.

Chris Wernerco-founder of SafeRE: “Our mission is to drastically reduce the cost of real estate investment transactions. We do this by ensuring that market participants are not exposed to a non-transparent cost burden by intermediaries who do not do not add real value to the investment.Our processes are more efficient, safer, regulatory compliant and are only designed to benefit those who are the primary participants in any real estate transaction, investors and property owners. ‘assets.”

SafeRE’s platform is here to disrupt the traditional investment industry and offers an exciting new solution for investors and asset owners. Users can now register for SafeRE’s service or contact the team to learn more about the benefits the platform can bring them.

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