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Since opening in August 2018, McEnery Residential has made it a priority to be the opposite of national real estate agencies. Their agents, most of whom are New Orleans natives or longtime residents, have extensive knowledge of the market and can tell potential buyers everything there is to know about a home and the surrounding neighborhood. This local-first approach has helped the business grow rapidly in a short time and expand to multiple locations.

“Home selling in New Orleans is a very local business,” said Parke McEnery, sponsoring broker, director and director of The McEnery Company and McEnery Residential. “Our authentic New Orleans brand is something that has created significant value for our agents, their business and, most importantly, our customers. Our clients know that when they list a home with us, they’ll get service that’s perfectly tailored to that home and neighborhood. »

Although a boutique business, McEnery Residential has become a major player in the New Orleans real estate market with hundreds of listings for homes ranging from condominiums to multi-million dollar mansions to by traditional single-family homes. Its geographic footprint is also extensive, including popular areas such as Uptown, Warehouse District, French Quarter, Lakeview, and Mid-City, as well as surrounding communities like Gretna, St. Tammany Parish, and the Mississippi Coast. .

McEnery’s success is particularly impressive considering that the team has overcome many challenges over the past few years. More recently, they have skillfully navigated the turbulent real estate market and served as a trusted guide for home buyers and sellers who can be easily swayed by fast-paced headlines and social media posts.

“There’s a mathematical impact when it comes to significantly rising interest rates, but the psychological impact is just as important,” McEnery said. “Buyers and sellers are primarily influenced by what they see in the headlines. I think where we excel is in helping people see beyond that and understand what’s really going on and how it affects them.

More recently, McEnery said the market has started to return to more stable conditions. Elective buyers who aren’t in a rush for a new home are more willing to take their time finding the right home at the right price. However, buyers take the necessary steps, when of course it is necessary. Purchases of elective (up-sizing) housing have slowed somewhat; but with the right price on the right home, buyers always show up.

“There are still needs-based movements happening. Transactional activity is still quite good. It’s just like it’s a lot more of a normal market now,” McEnery said. “People are always driven by price. Many people are looking for even more space, a yard or a swimming pool. I just think the appetite is now a bit more focused and tempered.


Whatever the next direction of the market, McEnery Residential will be ready. The company is headquartered at 4901 Magazine Street and recently opened offices in Old Gretna in the West Bank and North Shore. For more information, visit

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