J. Beard Real Estate Co. merges with SVN International Corp.


(Courtesy of SVN | J. Beard Real Estate – Greater Houston)

J. Beard Real Estate Co. merged with commercial real estate company SVN International Corp. to become SVN | J. Beard Real Estate – Greater Houston.

According to a press release, the alignment will give J. Beard Real Estate Co. greater reach and resources.

“As a Woodlands-based company, we now have greater opportunities to expand our reach and resources, which will only help us with our current operations in Woodlands,” said Jeff Beard, Managing Director of SVN. | J. Beard Real Estate – Greater Houston, in press release. “We have been very successful in The Woodlands and we remain 100% committed to our customers, owners and our ongoing business in this area. Over the years, we have demonstrated our ability to successfully develop our commercial real estate business in other geographic locations. , especially in Greater Houston, so it’s no different for us. The Woodlands are where I fueled my career in commercial real estate and raised my family. As a business owner, I remain committed to this hometown and will continue to support the community, just as always. “

The J. Beard Real Estate Co. was established in 2003 and encompasses the services of leasing, brokerage, site acquisition, property management, development, advice and landlord / tenant representation. 281-367-2220. www.jbeardcompany.com

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