Housing market still on the rise but supply is low in San Angelo


SAN ANGELO, Texas – Across West Texas, the housing market is robust with demand during a time of year when it would normally be cooling down.

Larry Jolley of Larry Jolley Real Estate says now is the best time to put your home on the market.

“I’ve been here in the real estate business since the 1980s and I’ve never seen a market like this truly amazing,” Jolley said.

Growth is expected to slow to 4.4% in 2022, but the latest figures show that pending home sales rose more than 8% in August compared to July.

Now is the perfect time, as experts predict that house prices could rise due to the high market value.

“Normally this time of year slows down with the holidays and everything. People are sort of settling into their homes and getting ready to celebrate them with their families, but over the past year or so we’ve been on a binge eating that’s really bumped up the list price of homes, ”said Jordan Rose of Keller and Williams Realty.

“What we were seeing now is that over the last few weeks or so we’ve really seen a lot of houses have price cuts, so what that tells me is that because of this binge eating , we kind of fixed the price for some buyers and now we were coming back to a break-even, ”adds Rose.

In San Angelo, one problem homebuyers face is heavy demand but not enough inventory. As soon as rental properties are built or a house hits the market, they are sold.

Both real estate agents gave excellent advice to interested people on both sides of the market.

“Decluttering is extremely important, depersonalization and anything you can do to make your home bright and airy,” Rose said. “A house that has these dark brown doors on the inside, I think one of the best things you can do to make your home look fresh is to put in white doors, even if you only have to. painting those brown doors white really makes a huge difference.

“Friday is the best day to put your house on the market. You will always get more money if you put your house on the market on a Friday and then sell it on the weekends. We’ve been able to sell houses in a day or two lately, ”Jolley said.

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