Estate agents slam minister, leave reform agency in dismay


“They will work directly with the Real Estate Services Expert Group, made up of industry organizations and associations with the aim of improving the interaction between fair trade and the sector,” he said. .

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers MP Philip Donato introduced a bill in the lower house for an independent stand-alone commissioner of Fair Trading last Tuesday and said there was “a lot of politics going on” after the government s was opposed to the bill in the upper house.

“It is curious that in the last week or so an advertisement for this post of Real Estate Services Commissioner has been published by the government,” Donato said. “So they’re going to create this job and take credit for it (after it’s been offered by others). “

Karen Stiles, Executive Director of the Owners Corporation Network.Credit:Louis Douvis

Owners Corporation Network chief executive Karen Stiles said she supports the Independent Real Estate Services Board and a commissioner enshrined in the bill brought forward by the Shooters, but not the minister’s panel.
“There is no consumer representation on the panel,” Ms. Stiles said. “The minister’s office said this was not necessary, however, wool producers are represented, one can only speculate why.”

“(But) I’m surprised to see a real estate commissioner job posting already indicating that they will be working for NSW Fair Trading,” Ms. Stiles said. “This is a new definition of ‘independent’ that I would like to explain. “

Industry standards have been repeatedly lowered by NSW Fair Trading to increase competition, McKibbin said. The abolition of the accreditation of auctioneers, the reduction of the time required to become a licensed real estate agent from three years to a few days, the opposition to compulsory professional liability insurance and the abolition of annual audits of trust accounts subject to the regulator unless they add up, has weakened Industry.

“The problem is shown by 80% of people who enter the industry leave in the first year because they don’t know what they are doing, they find it too stressful,” McKibbin said.

Chris Duggan, president of Strata Community Australia, is the chair of a new panel that advises the government.

Chris Duggan, president of Strata Community Australia, is the chair of a new panel that advises the government.Credit: Kate geraghty

Expert group chairman Chris Duggan agrees that fair trade is flawed but improving and that a critical review of the agency is the group’s top priority.


“No one is afraid that fair trade needs a reshuffle,” Mr. Duggan said. “But a stand-alone commission is not widely supported by the industry.

“The real estate industry is far from the conflicts that the construction industry was and therefore does not require the kind of powers or reform that (construction commissioner) David Chandler had to implement while operating within Fair Trade. . “

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CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that the CEO of the Owners Corporation Network (OCN), Karen Stiles, said she supported the Minister’s panel. The OCN does not support the Minister’s panel, but supports the Council and the Commissioner of Real Estate Services.

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