DFW housing market: Estate agents say demand is high

Showing Time, which tracks home showings across the country, says Dallas is one of the busiest cities in the country for home showings.

DALLAS — Dallas real estate agent Stephen Lewis calls it a “thick-skinned market.”

This goes for him and his customers.

“Last weekend at a house in Mansfield, out of 95 visits, there were 35 offers,” he said. “The purchase price was around $450,000 and it went over $500,000.”

Lewis is the co-owner of Ink Realty Group and the president of the National Association of Realtors, Dallas Area.

According to new data published by Showing Time, a website that tracks home viewings, only homes for sale in three other US cities see more viewings than Dallas.

Seattle, Denver and Orlando rank above Dallas.

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Realtor Melissa O’Brien knows a busy weekend is coming.

She just finished staging a home on N. Clinton in Kessler Park that will hit the market Friday.

In most ads, she sees “75 to 80 showings.”

Her O’Brien Real Estate Group has several homes coming on the market this week.

“I expect them to be gone by the weekend,” she said.

Sellers of the home on Clinton will likely set a deadline for offers within a few days of the home entering MLS.

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Lewis said screenings are often limited to tightly scheduled 15-minute windows.

“You may be stuck with a 7 p.m. show, but go to that 7 p.m. show anyway, because that’s your window of opportunity,” he said.

He often has a ready-made contract template and his laptop in his car, because he knows time is running out if a client likes a house during a visit.

This means that working with the right real estate agent is essential for buyers.

“I actually encourage buyers to ask their agents,” Lewis said.

He suggests finding someone who will take those late-night showings and help you make quick but well-informed decisions.

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O’Brien’s key word is determination.

“Officers have to be very tough right now,” she said. “It’s really, really important to keep your customers focused.”

Both say North Texas shoppers need to be patient and willing to spend.

“Last client I signed on this weekend – we’re 30% over the roster,” O’Brien said.

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