Dana’s Colorado Homes celebrates first year in the real estate industry

Dana’s Colorado Homes celebrates first year in the real estate industry

Dana Biggs’ real estate company, Dana’s Colorado Homes, celebrates the first year of helping people achieve their dreams.

DENVER, COLORADO, USA, July 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ —

Dana Biggs began her career as a real estate agent last summer and in September 2021 founded her company Dana’s Colorado Homes, with a mission to make buying and selling homes a stress-free experience for his clients.

Dana is celebrating the end of his first year of dedication and hard work in his business in 2022. He has helped several home buyers in Denver’s very competitive seller’s market. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get a deal done when only a thousand homes are on the market at any given time in the metropolitan area of ​​about 3 million people. Winning a bidding war and competing with over 50 bids on a property is really tough, and Dana Biggs knows how to win. It brings the latest technology and resources to make the process easier, get the information a buyer or seller needs, and reduce stress.

“Service, detail and compassion are words I would use to describe Dana and her amazing skills as a real estate agent! When I lost my home in a major fire and contacted Dana Biggs through recommendation from a friend, I learned service skills that were beyond my expectations.His guidance and attention to detail helped me educate myself and make decisions about what would work the best. better for me in a new home. Dana also knew that I lacked the resources to set up my new home and took part of her weekend to help me set up furniture in my new home. I would HIGHLY recommend Dana to anyone those who are looking for a house! -Dana’s satisfied client

In addition to helping people easily buy and sell property, Dana’s Colorado Homes recently developed a YouTube channel focused on showcasing new homes being built in the Denver metro area. Her channel, “Dana Biggs – Denver Colorado Real Estate,” will allow customers to access information about current and valuable real estate availability. This will be a helpful resource for people looking to buy a home in Denver, Colorado.

“Dana’s Colorado Homes mission is to help people get on the homeownership ladder. We strive to make the real estate process as easy and stress-free as possible for our clients. We promote technology in real estate to help people achieve their goals more At Dana’s Colorado Homes, we emphasize the importance of customer service and use it to differentiate our services from the competition. ~ Dana Biggs

Dana Biggs has successfully served many satisfied customers in its first year and continues to grow and facilitate more customers.

About Dana Biggs

Dana Biggs is a Colorado-based realtor. He founded his own company, Dana’s Colorado Homes, to help people achieve their dreams. His success as an entrepreneur owes a lot to his brokerage firm, eXp Realty, a global online brokerage firm. Dana aims to educate and guide people to understand the real estate industry and make sound decisions when buying or selling a home. Her company’s website, www.danascoloradohomes.com, is an online resource for clients and helps her manage her workload.

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