Company News: Debbi Waxenfeld Promoted by Eastern Union


Eastern Union, a New York-based commercial real estate brokerage firm, has promoted Debbi waxenfeld to the main subscriber.

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She will play a central role in verifying the quality of assets seeking funding through Eastern Union. It will ensure that lenders provide loans to credible borrowers with the means to repay the proposed mortgage. Waxenfeld, who is based in Syracuse and lives in Wampsville, will help verify that the assets are capable of generating anticipated income, help convey financial information to lenders, and work with brokers in the Eastern Union once the loans in progress.

Waxenfeld most recently served as the Pension Plan Account Manager at Fair in Syracuse. She holds a bachelor’s degree in administration and business management from Columbia College and an associate’s degree in the same disciplines of the Utique Business School.

Founded in 2001, Eastern Union is one of the nation’s leading commercial mortgage brokerage firms. It employs over 125 real estate professionals and concludes an average of $ 5 billion in transactions per year.

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