Brunk Brothers Brings Land Real Estate to the Valley Market

Homeowners, first time buyers, farmers and ranchers have another option in the real estate market as real estate company Hayden Outdoors puts down roots in California, as well as the Central Valley.

Kevin Brunk, an Oakdale High School alumnus and longtime community member, has joined the business as a real estate agent for the Colorado-based company. Proving to be a true family affair, Brunk’s youngest brother, Daniel, serves as the chief marketing officer for the Colorado company. Also joining the local team in California, Joseph Welch, as a management broker.

The real estate company got its start in the business in 1976, when Leo Hayden began selling farms and ranches in Kansas. From then until today, the real estate company has expanded to 28 states, with a team of over 200 brokers and agents.

“The team is made up of brokers and agents with experience and knowledge of their markets and an affinity to do what they say they will do,” explained Kevin Brunk. “Hayden Outdoors is synonymous with honesty and integrity with customers and a strong sense of land stewardship.”

Brunk then shared that Hayden Outdoors agents have extensive knowledge of the agricultural, ranch and recreational real estate market.

“Outdoor recreation runs deep in our hearts and minds and it’s what drives all of us at Hayden Outdoors,” Brunk continued.

Hayden Outdoors Real Estate has expanded into California, as well as other states to meet the demand of customers seeking a high quality experience when selling or buying rural real estate.

“We are a team of ranchers, farmers, hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts,” Brunk said. “We all have roots in the land, the incredible lakes and rivers that are such an important part of who we are and the fabric of our country.

Adopting both a unique and exciting marketing approach, the company showcases unique breathtaking properties and the lifestyle they offer on their Life on the Land show, which airs weekly on RFD-TV.

“Each episode includes an exciting adventure, living the lifestyle of a rural landowner and a look at some of America’s most awe-inspiring land for sale,” Brunk said.

As the pioneering duo of California expansion, Brunk and Welch each bring with them something special to offer Central Valley customers. Welch, based in La Grange, has over four decades of ranching and extensive land and farming experience in the area. Brunk brings a career in architecture, planning and development, nonprofit fundraising, and wildlife conservation.

“Hayden Outdoors Real Estate is always looking for high quality field professionals to join our California team,” said Brunk. “Our team’s expansion plans are part of our business strategy to provide industry-leading comprehensive brokerage service to our clients nationwide.”

The West Coast expansion, so far, has proven successful for the Colorado-based company. According to the team, California ranks in the top five for company website traffic from buyers and sellers who have seen the company’s brand. –

“On a personal note,” Brunk’s older brother concluded, “what makes the California expansion so special is that my brother Dan and I grew up in Oakdale where my wife Cheryl and I call home and raised our family.The amazing people of our home community of Oakdale make our work with area landowners, many of whom we have known our entire lives, so special.

Additional information about Hayden Outdoors Real Estate can be found at Potential customers can also contact Brunk at [email protected] or stop by and see the hometown brother duo at the 70th Annual Oakdale Rodeo this weekend, April 9-10, where the company is a major sponsor.

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