“Bring Your Dumpster”: Listing for $ 25,000 Home Takes a Brutally Honest Approach


Home in Keokuk, Iowa is always on the lookout for the right buyer – someone who can see past their flaws and don’t expect too much. (Laura Bailey)

(NEXSTAR) – Well, at least she’s being honest.

An Iowa real estate agent markets his new ad with a creative and flawless description, highlighting the house’s missing windows, lead-based paint, and the seemingly “haunted” exterior.

“If you love the outdoors, you’ll love the missing windows, allowing a cool breeze to pass through the house, saving on energy bills,” Laura Bailey wrote in the list for the Keokuk house, currently priced at $ 25,000.

In another passage, Bailey draws attention to the “creepy feel” of the squeaky hardwood floors, broken siding and weeds growing inside the house, suggesting that fans of “horror movies” should look out for themselves. would feel at home.

“Save time by scraping off lead-based paint, half of it is missing!” ” She adds.

“If you think someone else’s trash is someone else’s treasure, then bring your dumpster, they left all of their trash for you,” the listing agent wrote in the description. (Laura Bailey)

Bailey, who works with Keller Williams Ankeny Metro, confirmed to Nexstar that the owner of the home has given full permission to market the property as they see fit. Even still, Bailey said she hadn’t considered brutal honesty until she started discussing enrollment with her daughters.

“We joke around a lot in our family, we’re sarcastic,” said Bailey, who explained that she wrote the description based on their conversation. “I hit send and off we went, and… I had no idea it would go that far.”

Over the past few weeks, many people have had fun with Bailey’s description of leaking pipes, lack of devices and abandoned items strewn on the floor. The tactic can work, too: She has since noticed some interest in the property, which has led to at least one “very creative” offering.

“A person gave me the precious key of his grandfather [for the house],” she said.

Over the past few weeks, people have had fun describing the list of leaking pipes from the house, lack of devices and abandoned personal effects. (Laura Bailey)

Bailey said the home is always looking for the right buyer, but she hopes it won’t be long, especially if that buyer doesn’t expect too much and can see past the home’s current flaws.

“If you think someone else’s trash is someone else’s treasure then bring your dumpster, they left all of their trash behind,” Bailey wrote in the description. “Please do daytime sightseeing as the owner lived in the house with no utilities plugged in!” “

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