Annie Vogelpohl remains Solano’s real estate agent

FAIRFIELD – Years before the personal computer became a mainstay in homes, Annie Vogelpohl began her career in real estate in 1979. It seems impossible to think that business was done before the computer, but it was the norm at the time.

Vogelpohl says she initially chose her profession because she loves sales and real estate seemed like something she could tackle.

She did, and more.

She was successful in helping a large portion of Solano County residents find a new home. Those who haven’t used her as a real estate agent have almost certainly seen her adverts in different publications – or even on the custom bottled wine side.

One of the worst moments of his life came to redefine his life.

Vogelpohl lost her 25-year-old daughter Michelle to domestic violence. She was killed by her husband, in front of their young son. The loss of his daughter changed many things for Vogelpohl, who then adopted their grandson and raised him.

This domestic violence incident led to Vogelpohl serving more than 20 years with SafeQuest Solano.

SafeQuest Solano was founded in 1976. It is an organization specializing in helping women victims of rape and domestic violence. Working with SafeQuest Solano has helped her cope with the loss of her daughter by allowing her to help others in a meaningful way.

Vogelpohl knows how to solve problems when it comes to her chosen profession. She knows she has succeeded when she sees her happy clients.

“So I know I did a good job,” she said.

His advice to people new to the field? “Be patient with yourself. Keep studying, because sometimes this business feels like a roller coaster. »

All the modern additions in communication can benefit buyers and sellers alike, she says, but nothing can replace visiting a home on your own with a real estate agent. What you see on a computer about a property, she says, isn’t always what the land looks like.

Vogelpohl enjoys the challenge of solving problems that may arise when selling real estate. She says one of the ways to better serve her real estate clients is to surround herself with successful people, including expert lenders and home inspectors.

Annie Vogelpohl

Address: 1111 Webster Street, Fairfield
Call: 707-373-6949
E-mail: [email protected]

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