An overview of Jennifer Aniston’s real estate portfolio


Celebrity private Jennifer Aniston has made a point of keeping her personal life out of the spotlight throughout her career, so it makes sense that her residences have always been little havens away from Hollywood. From her marital home with Brad Pitt, a $ 13.1 million Beverly Hills giant the couple spent three years renovating, to their current $ 20.97 million Bel Air mansion, Aniston has dedicated a time and an incalculable energy to personalize his excavations to maximize both comfort and privacy.

“If I weren’t an actress, I would like to be a designer,” she said. Architectural summary in 2018. “I love the process. There is something about the choice of fabrics and finishes that feeds my soul. Here, we’ve rounded up the six locations the actor has called home over the past two decades, each with their own unique story, aesthetic, and story.


A year after getting married, Aniston and her husband Pitt shelled out $ 13.1 million for a 12,000 square foot French Norman-style home in Beverly Hills. The mansion was originally built in 1934 and was designed by famous Southern California architect Edwin Wallace Neff. Under their ownership, the two actors have expanded and renovated the property to include a private screening room, heated marble floors in the kitchen, and a pub room with wooden floors from a 200-year-old French chateau. They also added a multi-million dollar tennis court and guesthouse. In total, the A-list couple spent three years renovating the space and eventually sold it for $ 28 million in 2006 after their divorce in 2005.


After her split from Pitt, Aniston reportedly rented a 1,531 square foot beach house in Malibu for two years. The house, which was owned by Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, had three bedrooms and three bathrooms and was located along the coast. Not much is known about the house itself, which is probably how Aniston preferred it.


Aniston’s old living room opened onto a pond of koi carp.

Photo: Scott Frances

Aniston knew that his Harold W. Levitt-designed Beverly Hills mansion was supposed to be hers by the time she saw it. “I never doubted that the house would be mine someday,” she said. A D in 2010. She paid $ 13.5 million for the hillside residence in 2006, then spent the following years working with designer Stephen Shadley to transform it into a Balinese-inspired retreat, complete with ponds of koi carp, Brazilian cumaru eaves and heated travertine floors on the veranda. Aniston nicknamed the house “Ohana”, which means extended family in Hawaiian, and loved to welcome and entertain in the “glamorous and old-fashioned Hollywood” retreat. She eventually parted ways with the 10,000 square foot single story home in 2011 after listing it for $ 42 million; it ultimately sold for $ 38 million.

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