Alleged assault forces real estate agents to reconsider their personal safety when viewing homes

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Georgia (WJBF) — “When you show at home you should always stand behind the person if you walk into a room or downstairs or whatever, never want to be in front of them because it gives them an easy target,” Raven Martin said , real estate agent.

Martin thinks a lot these days about being alone in a house with strangers. It was because of a chilling incident that a local estate agent reported being assaulted while viewing a home in Aiken last week.

“As estate agents, we put ourselves at risk every time we go to show a house. We’re taught to be polite, which can be a bit difficult because you don’t want to say anything aside, to a potential buyer or anything. Martine said.

Martin says real estate agents typically show up to six homes a day and can often put themselves in vulnerable situations.

“We don’t do background checks or anything, sometimes we try to do consultations in the office beforehand, but it’s difficult with people’s schedules and sometimes it’s last minute, so we can just go out and meet a stranger, then you put yourself at risk,” Martin said.

She says showing the houses during the day is a good idea.

“There are more people around and aware that if something were to happen I always say wear a personal personal protective item. I wear pepper spray, it’s easy to keep your key ring on and it’s there at all times. time,” Martin said.

And think, “number security” by bringing another person.

“It creates another safety net, I guess you can say and I think it’s a wonderful idea that’s also hard to do because of schedules and availability like that,” Martin said.

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