Agents play a central role in the hot real estate market


A changing market means changing expectations. It was not so long ago that Allie Beth Allman & Associates was making waves in the real estate industry, exceeding $ 2 billion in annual sales. In 2021, this milestone was exceeded in mid-June. Now it looks like $ 3 billion is within reach, and even $ 4 billion is not left out.

“I think it shows the strength of our agents and our company, and it shows the strength of the DFW market,” said President Keith Conlon.

Such a hot market also highlights the value of working with an experienced real estate professional. Expertise is essential to navigate this single market dynamic. Inventory levels are lower than they have been for years. This is true at virtually all prices. However, record sales are proof that many homes are still being sold. The key is how to find them.

That’s what Agents of Allie Beth excel in. Through constant networking and a collaborative team approach, they always find the best properties first for buyers. Often this is before the houses even hit the market. These agents also know the right people to call to perform inspections and take care of other details quickly and correctly.

“Now more than ever, the agent is important in a market like this,” Conlon said.

Stories abound of homes receiving dozens of offers, sometimes within 24 hours. Even a few Park cities properties on the market have seen 10 to 20 offers. This is why it is so important to have an agent who understands the market and knows if the price of a home is right. It’s quick decisions that make the difference between getting a house or losing.

In the not-so-distant past, agents relied on price comparisons over the past six months or even a year. These days, this data is woefully out of date. The market has changed dramatically over the past two months. Many evaluations do not yet take this into account. It is imperative to have an agent who understands and can react to the rapidly changing landscape.

And for sellers in today’s market, a seasoned agent knows how to price a home competitively based on current data. This is the only way to attract multiple offers and avoid languishing in the market for too long.

It is not known how long the DFW real estate market will remain this strong. What is clear is that the team of Allie Beth Allman & Associates will continue to lead the way while providing the best service to customers, Conlon said.

The luxury real estate store of Allie Beth Allman & Associates DFW leads in the sale of homes of $ 3 million to $ 6 million and more, according to Multiple Listing Service. Connect with an expert agent at

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