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GUTHRIE, Texas — The famous ranch 6666 was sold earlier this year for its rugged history and beautiful scenery. Since then, there has been more appreciation for land in West Texas, making ranches like this a hot pick in the real estate market.

Creator of the hit television series “Yellowstone”, actor and screenwriter Taylor Sheridan is the face of a group of investors who have purchased the 260,000+ acre property.

“Taylor has a genuine love for the land and history. Ultimately, he wants to own the ranches for the long term. It’s not just a short-term investment for him,” said Sam Middleton, the ranch broker who sold 6666 Ranch. “If anyone can make it work, I think they can.”

He added that it is because of the “Yellowstone” series that marketing has exploded and is booming right now.

“Ranches have always been a great place to park money due to appreciation. Ranches don’t generate a lot of revenue from an operational perspective,” Middleton explained.

Middleton was trusted by Anne Marion, the granddaughter of founder Samuel Burk Burnett, to sell the ranch. She passed away in February 2020, and it was her wish to sell the three ranches that make up 6666 together.

“There were so many people who couldn’t handle something of this magnitude,” Middleton said. “I had a lot of buyers for individual ranches, but I wanted to honor his wishes and try to find a buyer for all three ranches and Taylor wanted to do that. He wanted to keep it all together.

He said he knew Anne would be happy for the ranches to be sold together.

The new “Yellowstone” spin-off is called “6666”. It will be presented at the end of this year on November 13.

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